dso guild

Mission Statement

Supporting the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Classical Music in Dallas/Fort Worth.

The Purpose of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Guild is to support and promote the Dallas Symphony Orchestra through education and fundraising activities. The Guild is organized and operates as an auxiliary organization of the Dallas Symphony Association, Inc.

Under this mission statement, the Guild is serving the Dallas classical music community in the following ways:

Adult Education

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra Guild underwrites the DSO's Performance Preludes. This unique, free series of lectures heightens attendees' enjoyment of their concert experience by expanding their knowledge of music. For more information on the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's Performance Preludes, please click HERE.

Fostering a community of music lovers

Every Guild program is tailor-made for the classical music lover. Attendees to each luncheon or evening program are treated to a chance to meet and talk to the people that make the music with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and other artists in an atmosphere condusive to personal interaction with fellow classical music devotees. When our members and guests attend the symphony, they are always delighted to see and greet the new friends they have made through the Guild.